Petricore: Paid Summer Internship


What can AI tell us about … rocks?

Problem Description

SmartRocks project: A collaboration project between Petricore Norway, NTNU and top
companies in the oil and gas industry.

We are developing the next generation of AI-based rock characterization technology to
cut analysis cost, which is a significant part of CO2 capturing cost and drilling cost in the Oil
and Gas industry. => make the energy industry greener

We have several projects/tasks related to deep learning based image processing on 3D micro-CT
images for example:

  • Image segmentation of micro-CT image of rock.
  • Image super-resolution (improve the resolution/detail of a given image)
  • Generate 3D images from 2D slices (with GAN and auto-encoding)
  • Multi-scale registration
  • Noise filtering

Who Are We?

Petricore Norway AS – part of Petricore Group

  • We are working with Digital Rocks and core analysis
  • Office: Stiklestadveien 1, Trondheim
  • Our AI team: 2 Ph.D candidates / 1 Project Manager
  • What will you get in this project:
  • A head-start with a paid summer internship in our project
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Private workplace at our office
  • Access to our local server with GPU node of 100GB


In this project, we are working mainly with 3D CT images of rock
in grayscale or segmented form with image size between 1024³ – 2048³


The expected salary with be around 30 000 NOK/month. 

How to apply

To apply for this position, please send your CV  to :

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.